“Hello! My name is Ty Jeter. Based out of Indio, CA, I’ve been selling original hand-painted pop art paintings, pop art prints, wall-art prints, wall art sets, pop art posters, and much more original artwork on Etsy since early 2010. And I’ve been hustling my art skills since I was in elementary school. :) What makes my shop unique besides my large wall art and wall art canvas pieces is the fact that I am colorblind. My colorblindness has led to my unique aesthetic, which is very colorful with a lot of contrast. If you’d like to request a custom order - or just want to discuss the pop art depicted in my paintings, such as Mr. Chow from The Hangover, Dave Grohl, Captain America, or Fight Club’s Tyler Durden - send me a message! Otherwise, have a look at my shop and pick out a favorite today!”

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